Monday, 4 March 2013

Ilmu Ikhlas

Hai Guys, Come back to my blog and im AKhire, its my Shortname.. hehe

Oke.. I will tell you about Ilmu Ikhlas... hehe May be its heard "aneh" kek choose pasangan Wife.

in march, 2 2013 i go to karawang from Tangerang for destination Walimahan my Friends.
I go at 6.00 A.M , and depart of karawang at 9.00 A.M

When sampi in karawang. I walking from pertigaan Tempat berhenti lampu merah Agra Mas. And Then I Go to Al-Jihad Mosque For Pray Dhuha and Tilwah 1 Juz.

And The End Tilawah 1 Juz I Go to Destination Walimahan Temen, but when ke tempat Sepatu, I kehilangan sepatu. Awalnya tak sadar, when i lost the my shoes. but I still calm in this condition.
And then rolling to mosques may be i salah taruh.. hehe, But i can`t finded my shoes.
I will say Alhamdulillah...